wrote song - but band said NO.

Wrote song in a flash and couldn't wait to play the demo to the band    - - - - - >   but they hated it.
'It's too 'spanishy', too dramatico, not indie enough,  let's just use your rough demo as a b-side...'
I was gutted.
We spent 3 months recording the White Magic for Lovers album at El Cortijo (now a holiday villa), did dozens of tracks - and still no President.
Back in London, album finished, we had just 4 days at Great Linford Manor for last dubs - when devious Monteiro called T Yorke to get some feedback. If he liked the song, would he perhaps consider doing some vocals?  but if the song was no good, then of course, no problemo.
Can you imagine my thrill when he calls back saying he's totally into it? 
Had to break the news: 'Erm.. remember that 'spanishy b-side? well, you better learn it in a hurry, Mr Yorke is on his way to the studio - he's gonna sing it with me. Si!'
Needless to say, band, studio, record co, the whole world got excited about it.
It can be a blessing in disguise when you don't have a lot of time to mess around, 'cause given half a chance any band would've hired a massive string session, horn players, the dancing elephants - but we didn't - band did a real great job and kept it simple, and although the track sounds quite orchestral, it's actually only a few dubs: acoustic guitar, cello, piano, a bit of bass and drums - and that's it.
It's great when things fall together in the right place and create a little bit of magic, and awesome that we got El Gran Yorko to sing on it, but above all: 
Isn't it lovely that our 'commercial hit' is a tribute to the great socialist leader Salvador Allende?
Now that is beyond cool and something I feel a little proud of.

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