a story foretold

The finely weaved and almost invisible strings that bond a story together can sometimes take a long while before they all meet at a single point in time.
This blog will unravel how this tale came to be, for although the craze band years may now be behind us, the story of El President and what it stands for remains as relevant today as ever.

The tale starts way back in the 80s, when I was a budding teenager back in Brazil and met a super nice chilean musician. He'd moved to São Paulo and we had a brief summer romance.
He was struggling to find his feet, so my family took pity and used to let him wash and occasionally sleep in the back quarters. Years later he went on to marry one of Brazil's biggest pop stars and made a good life for himself as a musician.
It was through him that I had 1st hand accounts of what had happened in Chile: how as a child he had witnessed terrible things, the story of Allende, the tale of Victor Jara and so many others who had perished at the implacable imperial forces that crushed Chile down.

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